virus removal

Is your computer or notebook running slower than usual?  Pop-ups with advertising appearing out of nowhere?

You may be a victim of malware or viruses that can cause all sorts of problems to your pc or laptop.

Having Antivirus software does not always solve the antivirus program is 100% secure.  We find machines with the most expensive antivirus that are full of malware and viruses….

Always better to seek assistance straight away as leaving it longer can become a more serious issue.  They can lead to slowing down of your system and in some cases cause destruction of the operating system and loss of data.

We are very thorough in our approach to removing any nasties on your computer and are able to assist in the detection and removal of these problems very quickly and advise you on ways to try to avoid this happening again.

Email us via contact page or call us on 02) 6655 0127 for advice.



We  are resellers and recommend ESET Antivirus software.  We offer installation and back up advice for new or older pc’s.


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