data recovery

life buoy iconDon’t panic!!  We are your first port of call if you have any problems with losing your data or your machine crashing. …Experienced in retrieving important data, we can assist you in getting back your valuable information and photos…

We understand how important your data is and tread carefully in retrieving precious files, photos and other data to save as much as we can.. and have a very good track record..

First rule is to turn your system off…and do not attempt repairs yourself.  This can cause more damage to files and make it harder and more expensive to retrieve information…

Occasionally data can be so corrupted or the hard drive so damaged, that we are unable to retrieve data.  In these cases, we are able to organise the hard drive to be sent to a special lab for further data recovery attempts.

If you have a new PC we can retrieve data from your old machine and transfer to the new one..

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