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We love helping our customers design a machine perfectly suited to your needs.  We discuss your requirements and give you honest suggestions based on what you tell us and your budget, big or small!  We make it easy for you to buy a new machine and get it up and running…

Our prices are very comparable to large chain stores and often cheaper for better quality..we will also honour manufacturers’ warranty on new systems.

We can install any software needed and organise to transfer data from your old pc to the new one with no hassle…

We have awesome back up and support for all our systems!

Call or email to chat about your needs….sales desktop

A selection of second hand parts are also available….


Hardware & Peripherals

We supply all your hardware needs for your pc and home…

  • modems & wireless adaptors
  • video cards
  • hard drives
  • memory
  • laser printers
  • monitors & laptop screensprinter
  • keyboards & mice
  • cables, cases, fans
  • speakers & headphones
  • too much more to list, just ask us!


We supply all your software needs whether it be Microsoft or Mac and anything in between!


Inks and toners…we offer great discounts on all inks and toners..all we need is the model of your printer to give you a quote!

Refurbished systems

Depending on availability of spare parts……

Recycling is a key reason for selling refurbished systems…we have fully tested laptops and desktops available at various times.. our prices start from $80

A great alternative for a beginner, someone who appreciates recycled products, or with a cashflow problem, or who just doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a new computer..

This is a not for profit part of our business and is part of our recycling program.

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